Formerly Y.E.S. at Theater9/12

Helping kids develop their creativity, confidence and craft since 2000

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children, play is serious learning.
Play is really the work of childhood.”

-Fred Rogers


  • After-school enrichment programs and school assemblies
  • Individual mentoring and coaching 
  • Week-long summer intensive camps


  • Children ages 5-18
  • All experience levels—beginner to advanced

at these locations…

  • Trinity Parish Church, at 609 8th Ave, in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle
  • Zoom
  • Grade and Middle Schools throughout the city
  • Your home

What our families say about Sneaky Cat Acting Academy…

Michael LoSasso is a fantastic instructor for our young daughter. He helped prepare her for an acting workshop in Los Angeles, and under his guidance she received interest from 4 agents. Our daughter raves about how nice he is and how much she enjoys working with him. He helped her build her skills and her confidence, and has been a fun and positive influence every single time. Michael even made an affirming meditation tape for her to listen to before she went into the audition so that she was in the right state of mind to perform her best.

–Sapphire & Brandon

My child fell in love with theater after joining an after-school club with Michael LoSasso at his elementary school. He went on to star in the school play in 5th grade, attended Michael’s Y.E.S. summer camps, and also took private coaching lessons with Michael each week. Michael was an absolute inspiration to our son. Unlike most activities at the time, he actually looked forward to his lessons with Michael each and every week. Michael found a way to ignite curiosity and spirit in my son, and he creatively designed his lessons around my son’s of-the-moment interests, from magic tricks to creepy stories to comedy. Michael was much more than an acting coach to our child. He was a life coach at a time when our son really needed one… the transition to middle school was undoubtedly so much smoother for having had him in our life. HIGHLY recommend!

–Alicia A.

Michael made me feel more comfortable expressing my acting. He asked me fun questions, brain builders, and more. Michael has been a very fun teacher.

–Maya W.

Energetic, fun, caring and a talented teacher and coach – these are all words that we would use to describe Michael LoSasso’s ability to teach, coach, and connect with kids in acting. Michael has been the key to our daughter’s enthusiasm, and success, in acting and speech over the last eight years….We feel incredibly lucky to have discovered Michael. He has provided our daughter with a foundation in acting and speech that will last with her the rest of her life. He has done so while making the process fun and engaging. We cannot recommend Michael enough and would be happy to discuss his work with Carmen further.

Richard E. Spoonemore & Laura M. Periman

Read Richard and Laura’s two page letter here: